Sharing gone wild – Top Social Sites 2014

The list of share buttons is getting longer and longer each month. How do you choose to share and where? What social networks do you belong too?

Here are the top 10 of 2014.
Based on the average Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete

      1. Facebook
      1. Twitter
      1. LinkedIn
      1. Pinterest
      1. Google+
      1. Tumblr
      1. Instagram
      1. Flickr
      1. VK
      1. myspace
      1. TAGGED
      1. Meetup

Prediction – Google+, and tumblr are going to be two of the top contenders in 2014. As well as Email. Yes thats right email. It is a love/hate relationship, but it generates 40x more customers than Twitter and Facebook combined. Thats crazy.

Marketers and businesses will need to be creative this year by incorporating images and videos into existing content. Coming up with fresh new ways of incorporating visual-based content is vital to a concrete social strategy.

Brands Need to Get Serious About Social
While an estimated 90% of marketers already use social media for business, brands are going to need to take their social media marketing strategies to the next level. Smart businesses will increasingly realize that it’s not enough to just have a presence on the major social networks. Getting serious about social means integrating it into every aspect of the business, not just marketing: from product development, to operations, to customer service and retention.
Engage, don’t just Listen!

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