Millennials choose Snapchat over Instagram

Snapchat swapped places with Instagram and jumps in front.

In November of 2015, Snapchat was the Third Most Popular Social Network Among Millennials.  Snapchat, which allows users to send photo messages that automatically delete themselves shortly after being viewed, shocked many when they turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook last November.
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But it’s spring time and for the first time, the messaging app Snapchat is the preferred social network for teens, according to a survey from research firm Piper Jaffray. The survey, which polled 6,500 teens in the U.S., found Snapchat use surged with 28% of them claiming it’s the most important social network. Instagram app was at 27%.

“Snapchat is the preferred social network for teens”

How big is it?

Snapchat has about 60 million total installs, making it larger than Instagram when it sold to Facebook for $1 billion. Of those 60 million installs, Snapchat has about 30 million monthly active users. Fifty-five percent of monthly active users use Snapchat daily. That’s 16.5 million people. 


Face swap filter is creepy

How many snaps?

Snapchat now shares 400 million snaps each day, according to CEO Evan Spiegel, who confirmed the number to TechCrunch. In September, Evan Spiegel announced on the Disrupt stage that the disappearing photo-sharing service was seeing 350 million snaps sent per day, up from 200 million in June.

How much is Snapchat worth?

Snapchat’s $10 billion valuation in the round vaulted Spiegel, 24, and Murphy, 26–who each own an estimated 15% of Snapchat–to a net worth of about $1.5 billion each.

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Whats next for Snapchat?

Always a lot of rumors with the stories not disappearing but I think they are just going to make money. NBC just worked a deal with Snapchat, letting them provide video updates of the olympics. Snapchat will present “unique perspectives” from the games via the service’s “live stories.” Snapchat will have an NBC Rio Olympic Discover channel, which are snippets of action with a touch of filters and twists from the service.

Marketing Campaigns

Snapchat and Taco Bell did funny filter today for Cinco de Mayo. They added a filter turning everyones face into a giant taco. While it is a little creepy, it creeped across the web today in large numbers.

Adweek said that Snapchat’s Cinco de Mayo face lens sponsored by Taco Bell today might be up your alley if you ever wondered what its like to put your head in a taco. And for those who plan to get sauced tonight, Taco Bell’s got you covered with a packet of Diablo that promises to “turn up the heat.”

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Do you need the App? iOS or Android


Snapchat filters are one of the most popular aspects of the app.

Old People try Snapchat filters

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