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Mac Aquarium

Ideas Before You Retire Your Old iPad

Remember when you could turn your old Mac SE into a fish tank? Good ol’ days. While it may have been cool in the day, it was not the most efficient. With technology changing so rapidly, the computer, phone or iPad you buy today is outdated in a year. Well not completely. Let’s take a […]

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Apple spaceship

The Apple Spaceship is Landing 2017

The latest news and interesting facts on the apple spaceship. NEW DRONE VIDEO I never get tired of drone footage for the Apple spaceship construction. Here is some new footage. Can you feel the hype? November 2016 update on Apple Spaceship progress.     August 2016 update on Apple Spaceship. Compare it to Junes video.   […]

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Star Wars Poster

Star Wars: A Marketing Machine I Am

Unless you live in a cave, you know that new Star Wars movie has launched, and so with it the barrage of Star Wars stuff. The merchandising machine for this movie is nothing like I have ever seen before, especially before the movie debuted. It made Christmas shopping easy this year because everything was Star […]

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Google’s Best Play of 2015

Google has released their top selling everything. Google Play has been hugely successful for Google and their interface has grown substantially over the past year. The popularity of Play has proven to be a major player in entertainment services, thus their “best selling” lists are reliable sources to follow. Here is their lists of lists for […]

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Drones For Good: A Video Expository

Fascinating Drone footage. The slow-motion, fish-eye perspective, and sweeping effects that drone cameras capture is both soothing and mysterious. Combined with some great music, the drone video effect offers a unique perspective on the world that cant be reproduced by other means.

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