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apple watch 4

The Apple Watch 4 is making me Drool

The new Apple Watch 4 is making me drool. I work on Apple platforms, but I also work on a Android phone and use Google for all my productivity needs. I wont change my Google preference, but I may convert to the Apple Watch 4. Here’s why – the watch just looks cool. And it […]

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sxsw 2018

3 Reasons why SXSW 2018 is Magical

SXSW 2018 is in full swing in Austin, and from what I can tell the “experiential” factor tops the interactive cake. I mean they have built sets, taken over houses, and created mind-blowing events before, but these three interactive promotions below are incredible. They have taken the 5 senses and added a sixth – “mind […]

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gigafactory digital intervention

The Gigafactory is Elon Musk’s Sonnet to the Future

Elon Musk’s Gigafactory is taking shape as seen in the new drone video below. When it opened this year the mode of production was far below expectations. But 6 months later, it is a different story. Why build this huge factory? The firm foresees it will drive down the per kilowatt hour (kWh) costs of […]

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technology and trump

Technology in the Trump Era

As we head out of Obamaville and into the Trump 100 days soon, what is the future of the technology industry? Knowing Trump it could go either way but here is what I know. Please note that I’m more than willing to give Trump time to prove himself, but the signs and things he has […]

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Google is in deep with Artificial Intelligence

DeepMind is a Google owned company dedicated to making computers that think and act like humans. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding and evolving at a fast pace, much do to big investments. Google is serious about AI as can be seen by its show of big announcements in recent weeks — the improved Google Translate machine […]

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