Digital Intervention

Paul Kaiser is the founder of Digital Intervention. A marketing professional with over twenty years of progressive experience in digital marketing, digital strategy, client services and management. Accomplished at multi-channel program development, social and mobile implementation, website operations, project management, and collaborating effectively with stakeholders, vendors and clients. Living the dream.

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A digital marketer, photographer, avid blogger and a dad, I extend my stream of consciousness to this blog. Since the “digital age” arrived in my prime and it has become my passion.  I try to make it your passion with interesting digital and marketing knowledge, along with some humor.

The Digital Intervention blog aims to simplify the digital world so all can understand the “cool” factor. Highlighting digital trends and innovations, Digital Intervention seeks to explain the complicated, uncover digital news, and extend the hype of all that is digital. Many find they need a digital intervention to truly understand their digital gadgets, computers, phones, wearables, and tablets.