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AI-generated influencer

Are AI-generated influencers a good idea?

Although this concept is already employed by consumer brands, it remains innovative and forward-thinking in the pharmaceutical industry. The key challenges stem from issues of authenticity and transparency, which might lead many to reject it outright. Nevertheless, here are the advantages and disadvantages to consider. The emergence of AI-generated influencers in industries such as the […]

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5 Effective Ways to Turn Social Intelligence Insights into Actionable Strategies and Tactics for Pharmaceutical Brands

I’m often asked, “what types of insights can we deem from social listening”? And “what do we do with those insights”? So, here’s a breakdown of 5 effective ways to turn social intelligence insights into actionable strategies and tactics for pharmaceutical brands: 1. Deep Market Understanding 2. Targeted Messaging & Campaigns 3. Identify Influencers & […]

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10 Insights to consider for your social listening reports on your brand

If you are new to social listening for your brand, here are some of the high-level insights you should consider for the report. Social listening involves tracking, analyzing, and gaining insights that can help with responding to conversations or developing your strategy for “market shaping” your brand. Social listening = Market research! This strategic approach […]

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The social media platform replacements

Bluesky and Threads represent the evolving landscape of social media, each offering distinct visions of what online social interaction could look like in the future. Their emergence is a response to the growing demand for alternatives to established platforms like Twitter and Instagram, with each aiming to address various concerns and desires of today’s digital […]

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Level Up Your Influence: How AI Can Supercharge Your YouTube Videos

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way content is created, distributed, and consumed on platforms like YouTube, offering influencers unprecedented opportunities to enhance their videos and engagement strategies. By leveraging AI, influencers can not only streamline their content creation process but also gain deeper insights into their audience’s preferences, optimize their content for better visibility, […]

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COVID and Humans increased social media usage in 2021

A new study from reveals exactly what you already knew. Yes, social media has become your new friend. Not only an increase in usage, but also new sign-ups. But its not just COVID that has driven up the usage. Human interaction and engagement has played a huge part. Analyzing our social listening reports for […]

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