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The First Touch screen Phone is back!

I remember years ago when I had this clunky Palm Treo phone. It felt like you were carrying a brick around, but it was touch screen and I loved it. Palm has always struggled to stay in the market, but I hope they do it with the Pre. Like Apple, I have a place in my heart […]

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Social Media – Change your tune

Interesting article by David Chartier from WIRED called “The Future of Social Media: The Walls Come Crumbling Down.”  In this ever changing medium of FaceBook, Twiiter, and Myspace, etc.. they will all need to open their doors.  They will need to intertwine with each other for a optimum user experience. Look at for example.  […]

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Catch the Wave – Googling at Google

Google is a great company because it can brainstorm new ideas and concepts that make sense. Although, it is a money machine, Google manages to keep a personal touch in their aura. Their next invention, or should we say re-invention is on the brink of creativity. Im hoping they don’t take over the world. We […]

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digital intervention

Digital Intervention is born!

On May 20th 2009, Digital Intervention officially became a company and a Blog is born. Paul B. Kaiser has over 20 years of digital and multi-channel marketing experience and has developed marketing strategies, business plans and new business pitch decks for multimillion dollar campaigns. Paul has a great insight from a client and agency perspective […]

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