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Alexa and Google Home may be the Voice of Reason

The popularity of Alexa and Google Home are making voice technology a game changer in our daily lives and marketing opportunities. That voice in your head may soon turn on your toaster oven. As the IoT (Internet of Things) makes it’s way into our lives, even the simplest of tasks may be controlled by our […]

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Android Auto 2.0: available in every car

NEW: Google, you better do some updating. Apple is on your tail. Apple’s website has a list of cars that are compatible with its CarPlay infotainment system. The list used to cover 150 different models, but now that number is over 200. Android auto is about the same but nobody is playing nice in the sandbox. […]

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pixel event

Google has new gadgets. And they’re affordable.

See the 2 hour event in 10 minutes. Video below Google made new gadgets – check them out. See today’s announcements. Pixel Phones Google’s new smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, are the first handsets to be designed and engineered in-house by the company.  The Pixel devices are available in three colors and are available […]

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Snapchat Making a Spectacle

February 20 – Snapchat opens up the sale for Spectacles to the public for $129.99 – buy them here. Snapchat readies for an IPO worth $25 Billion – 1/30/17 Update  ORIGINAL POST: The messaging app Snapchat and company will reportedly release its IPO filing the first week of March. Originally it was expected to be valued at […]

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amazon echo

Consumers have a Conversation with the Amazon Echo

The buzz around the Amazon Echo has been steadily growing with the tech community and now in the consumer world. It’s actually been out for a year and a new version is on the horizon, but this gadget is starting to make Amazon a player in the gadget arena. The Amazon Echo is engaging consumers […]

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