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3 Reasons why SXSW 2018 is Magical

SXSW 2018 is in full swing in Austin, and from what I can tell the “experiential” factor tops the interactive cake. I mean they have built sets, taken over houses, and created mind-blowing events before, but these three interactive promotions below are incredible. They have taken the 5 senses and added a sixth – “mind […]

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VR, Robots, and Pharma are Hot at SXSW

It’s hot in Austin – literally. But besides being 96 degrees in Austin, there is a “Lot of Hot” going on at SXSW. Even Obama can’t bring this event down (Note to self: don’t tell the tech community that their phones are just black boxes). Still in all a big surprise interview – see interview below. […]

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Why The Meerkat App is Going to Redefine Social Media

If you haven’t experienced “Live Streaming” with Meerkat yet, you’re not alone. That is because it is still in its infancy stage. Meerkat made its debut at SXSW this year and received a lot of attention. The live streams that are being posted aren’t exactly exciting yet – mine included. But I’m telling you the thought behind […]

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Cool Stuff: Nod Bluetooth Ring – Control the World with One Finger

You could be – “Lord of the Bluetooth Ring!” The “NOD” from Nod Labs introduced an interesting wireless controller. I saw this at SXSW but was not overly impressed, however, it would be cool for marketing campaigns at trade show conventions. It is a Bluetooth-enabled gesture control ring that lets you communicate with your devices without needing to […]

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SXSW approaches:13 Facts about Austin

As you prepare for SXSW we thought some facts about Austin would be appropriate. Here are some top line facts you can tell the person sitting next to you on the plane.  1.The Texas state capitol building, located in Austin, is the largest state capitol building in the U.S. 2. Austin holds the world’s largest […]

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