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Digital Strategies to put in your 2019 Marketing Plan

While there are many digital strategies for marketers, the ones that stand out, are rare the ones remembered. Your clients want to use the tried and true, but they always ask for the “innovative” tactic every year. However, innovative needs to provide ROI. Here are a few strategies (that don’t have the word blockchain in the title) […]

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Alexa and Google Home may be the Voice of Reason

The popularity of Alexa and Google Home are making voice technology a game changer in our daily lives and marketing opportunities. That voice in your head may soon turn on your toaster oven. As the IoT (Internet of Things) makes it’s way into our lives, even the simplest of tasks may be controlled by our […]

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A robot is taking your job, not immigrants

The rise of the robots may indeed be in our future as they take more and more of our jobs, but what is the impact? And when will this happen?  We have been told the last few months that immigrants are taking our jobs. I’m not sure what details the current administration is looking at […]

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Google is in deep with Artificial Intelligence

DeepMind is a Google owned company dedicated to making computers that think and act like humans. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding and evolving at a fast pace, much do to big investments. Google is serious about AI as can be seen by its show of big announcements in recent weeks — the improved Google Translate machine […]

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