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apple watch 4

The Apple Watch 4 is making me Drool

The new Apple Watch 4 is making me drool. I work on Apple platforms, but I also work on a Android phone and use Google for all my productivity needs. I wont change my Google preference, but I may convert to the Apple Watch 4. Here’s why – the watch just looks cool. And it […]

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macbook pro touch bar

The Touch Bar Whisperer – Apples Quiet Giant

In 2016, Apple updated their MacBook Pro lie of laptops and with it came the infamous “touch bar” which replaced the function keys at the top of the keyboard. The MacBook Pro’s were updated in 2017, and with it came even more Apps that worked with the touch bar. The usual suspects like iMovie, Final […]

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WWDC18 – Notes to Self

  No Mac hardware 🙁     Everything below will be out in the fall. Final thoughts from Tim Cook   3:07 EST – Lot of Mac talk here   2:52 EST – New NEWS and Stocks to the Mac Dark Mode Developer – oooohhhhh   New Dark Mode   Mojave – The dessert OS […]

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apple iphone x

Did Apple sell you an iPhone X or iPhone 10?

If you’re unaware of the Apple iPhone X pronunciation debate, then tell me if you pronounce the new iPhone X with the alphabet “X” or as the number “10”? No worries because everyone has been confused since the announcement. Some people argue that you say the letter “X,” while others believe the “X” is meant […]

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