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apple park drone footge

Apple Park close to completion – drone footage

The Apple Park is so close to completion as you’ll see from this latest drone footage. I’m going to miss watching the progression of the Apple Park. The footage that folks like Matthew Roberts have shot is just amazing. It feels like yesterday that Steve Jobs was getting approvals, and that work was starting at […]

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apple park

Innovation will Prevail in the Steve Jobs Theatre

Will innovation prevail at the new Apple Park – name just announced? It was Steve Job’s last dream to build this spaceship. And that reality is within reach and looks awesome. We should know very soon if innovation will be sparked here, as they are about to move in this April. However, it is expected […]

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tech arm digital intervention

50 Years of Consumer Electronics – CES 2017

It’s that time of year again for the biggest consumer show in the world – CES (The Consumer Electronics Show). It’s crack for us digital heads. This year CES celebrates 50 years of exhibiting gadgets and inventions. In 1980 it stretched over 10 football fields with 1400 vendors and 50 years later it has tripled in […]

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apple campus digital intervention

New Apple Campus Drone Footage

Well I guess the time has come for me to stop calling the Apple digs – the “spaceship.” According to 9-to-5 Mac, it is officially Apple Park now. New footage from this past week.   Updated footage for April (although it was taken in March) 2017: Fun facts: How big is Apple’s new campus? The […]

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Apple spaceship

The Apple Spaceship is Landing 2017

The latest news and interesting facts on the apple spaceship. NEW DRONE VIDEO I never get tired of drone footage for the Apple spaceship construction. Here is some new footage. Can you feel the hype? November 2016 update on Apple Spaceship progress.     August 2016 update on Apple Spaceship. Compare it to Junes video.   […]

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