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CES 2018

Healthy Gadgets, VR and Connected Toilets at CES 2018

  The number of innovations displayed at CES is never in shortage. So I’m highlighting only a few in this article with some links to the top winners. The bottom line is if you can imagine adding the internet to any type of gadget, it’s happening. Some very cool healthcare gadgets, enhanced VR and of […]

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artificial intelligence

The Buzz about Artificial Intelligence and Machine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the hottest buzzwords since fidget spinners. They are being thrown around every time there is a new tech product announced. Granted some of that is warranted with the new phones and buzz about self driving cars, but tech company’s are using the terms interchangeable and many don’t […]

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Are Virtual Doctors really the future or medicine?

So, you come down with a cold and you want to get a prescription for your cough and stuffy nose. You’ve been down this road 100 times in your life and dread going to the doctors office, waiting an hour in the waiting room, getting everyone else sick, only to get the script you normally […]

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Figure 1 app

Doctors Figure out Medical Mysteries with a Mobile App

The Figure 1 app has been labeled the “Instagram for doctors” and has hit 1 million subscribers. Figure 1 is used by doctors and healthcare students from a variety of specialties including medicine, nursing, and dentistry. Figure 1 said its free online mobile tool – used by medical practitioners around the world to share images of patient ailments […]

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apple watch diabetes

The tech race to glucose monitoring will be a Win-Win

It was reported today that Apple has a secret team working on sensors that will monitor and assist in the treatment for diabetes. Actually it has not been a secret as they have been working on this for a couple years, but it sounds like they may be closer. The rumor is that Apple has hired […]

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