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5 Effective Ways to Turn Social Intelligence Insights into Actionable Strategies and Tactics for Pharmaceutical Brands

I’m often asked, “what types of insights can we deem from social listening”? And “what do we do with those insights”? So, here’s a breakdown of 5 effective ways to turn social intelligence insights into actionable strategies and tactics for pharmaceutical brands: 1. Deep Market Understanding 2. Targeted Messaging & Campaigns 3. Identify Influencers & […]

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Medical Podcasts have come of Age – A Few Top Picks

Whether you are an experienced practitioner in your specialty or an aspiring medical student on a lean budget, you have one big thing in common: you’re really busy. With such a busy schedule, have you ever considered listening to medical podcasts to stay up to date and maximize your efficiency? The booming popularity of podcasts over […]

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Are Virtual Doctors really the future or medicine?

So, you come down with a cold and you want to get a prescription for your cough and stuffy nose. You’ve been down this road 100 times in your life and dread going to the doctors office, waiting an hour in the waiting room, getting everyone else sick, only to get the script you normally […]

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VR, Robots, and Pharma are Hot at SXSW

It’s hot in Austin – literally. But besides being 96 degrees in Austin, there is a “Lot of Hot” going on at SXSW. Even Obama can’t bring this event down (Note to self: don’t tell the tech community that their phones are just black boxes). Still in all a big surprise interview – see interview below. […]

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