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Fidget Spinner cool

Fidget Spinners – Craze or Crazy?

The craze, the fad, the mystery, the money – it’s Fidget Spinners for 2017. If you have kids you know about Fidget Spinners. Or if you act like a kid in my case. Fidget Spinners are the latest craze, so hop on the train while it’s hot. Here’s the scoop in this cool gadget. Fidget […]

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The Amazon Echo Just Had Babies – Tap and Dot

UPDATE: Now get the Dot for $39 at Amazon. Who is running the household? Your husband? The wife? The dog? No – it’s Alexa. Meet the Amazon Dot and Amazon Tap. Amazon introduced two more devices to the Echo line, that are designed to control and assist in people’s homes and lives. All through voice activated commands. The […]

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