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Facebook or not to Facebook – that is the question

In recent weeks the Facebook scandal has made people rethink their purpose and desire to be on Facebook, or any social media for that matter. But I’m here to give you a digital intervention. I feel your anger and frustration. And I considered heavily to delete my account as well. Not because of the scandal so […]

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Increased ROI with Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are nothing new at this point of online marketing, but following the basics of marketing principles will get you higher returns. Don’t get caught up in the technology of it all. It’s still about targeting your audience, segmenting them correctly, and delivering he right message at the right time. Once set up correctly, […]

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Google new HQ

Tech Companies are Redefining Themselves in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley real estate is on fire again. Tech companies are reinventing themselves through architecture. While the Apple spaceship has caught the eye of everyone recently, many other tech companies are setting up new digs for their headquarters too. Google, not to be outdone by Apple, is building a new headquarters in Mountain View, as […]

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