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Android Wear 2.0 and Watches Made by Google

[UPDATE February 10,2017] Android Wear 2.0 was officially released on February 9th and is rolling out to existing watches on February 15th. See the list below for watch update. Here is an overview from Android. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: It looks as though Android Wear 2.0 should release in February. In our last article it seemed Google would […]

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LG Urbane 2015

Android Wear – The Other Watch.

We all know that Apple is making watches now, but Android wear has been in the market for 2 years already. How have they been performing, and what is the Android wear strategy moving forward – AAW (After Apple Watch)? Among the many different Android wear watches available, Samsung, Moto 360, ASUS, and LG, are the […]

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Dance of the Magical Apple Watches

This may be the way to go see and try on the new Apple Watch – a random unplanned visit to Apple. Today was riddled with good luck. It was a nice spring day and nobody was at the mall. I had to make a quick run into Sears for lawn supplies, so of course […]

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iWatch these Apples – how about you?

The new iWatch is coming. Reports in the New York Times claim the first-generation smart-watch will be charged wirelessly, using existing technologies currently used with select smartphones and cases. Future models of the wrist-worn technology may even be powered by solar or kinetic energy to make sure they never lose charge. Apple has hired medical and sleep experts to […]

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