Can Facebook handle 200 million requests?

Saturday morning at 12:00 am (EST), Facebook’s more than 200 million users will be able to personalize the URLs for their profiles. By rolling out the vanity URLs, the company aims to make it easier to find people and brands on Facebook via search engines, while boosting its own traffic as well. For more…

I guess this is all good. Im trying to think of the negative impact of being found so quickly. My point is that Facebook used to be a place where one could say and do what they wanted with their friends. I feel now that Facebook has become so popular that it is diluted the comments and remarks. This has turned it in to a place where you better watch what you post. If your potential new company or current boss searches for you with he vanity names in place, there is the chance of them seeing your old “college days,” or your current days. Which is worse? 🙂

The bottom line is that any personalization we are allowed on the web has pros and cons, but mots people don’t think of the consequences. Being found online can be a good thing and potentially a bad thing. It is best to be socially responsible with your posts if you want to be recognized as a professional in your career.

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