Do you read the newspaper anymore?

With the advent of more and more mobile devices, people are relying on them and the internet for their news. As devices become larger and more manageable, people will continue to rely on this source of media. The iPhone and iTouch are on the forefront for mobile users in this sense, but the Pre and Storm are not far behind. A great article below supports these stats.

i-Device Users Favor Mobile Web over Newspapers

More than 50% of US consumers who have an iPhone and/or iPod-Touch use the mobile web more often than they read printed newspapers, and 40% use the mobile web more than they use PC internet or listen to the radio, according to a study conducted by comScore and AdMob. Significant numbers of iPhone and iPod-Touch users – 70% of whom are male – also say they use their devices more than they watch TV or read printed magazines:

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