How are Physicians using digital solutions?

It has been reported by Manhattan Research that “the number of physicians who use the internet and other digital technologies to access pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical-device information has jumped 20% since 2004 and accounts for 84% of the total US physician population.” But how are they communicating with patients and with which media formats or devices?

it may be that doctors are starting to surpass consumers/patients in the digital era. With the influx of new doctors, comes new media. The research shows that “36% of physicians now communicate with patients online, and that physicians are more active than the average consumer when it comes to new media,” per Manhattan Research.

It’s become apparent that physicians are starting to utilize the online tools available. Tools such as:
  • Video
  • Smartphones
  • Online communities – social media
  • edetailing and Live Video detailing
  • Product websites
  • Online conferences
  • Online Journals

These ongoing digital channels give eMarketing companies new ways to better align their efforts and reach to physicians. And this helps build a more cohesive relationship between physicians and the brands, as well as a relationship between physician and patient.

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