Cyber Wars is at a new level

After recent volatile cyber attacks, it has become evident that new safeguards are needed by US companies to protect themselves. We have long known of the ongoing threats but while we have attempted to button up attacks from obvious enemies, the U.S. needs to lock down information from these silent threats. 

This week the Obama administration declared that any type of cyber attack would be considered a “threat of war” and that appropriate military retaliation will be legal. While this may seem harsh to some, these attacks are real threats to our society and way of life. Like it or not all our information is on computers somewhere and those who seek to crush us are knocking at our door.  Even scarier is the fact that a terrorist group could gain control of a power plant or a nuclear facility. The list is endless and the threat is real. While we are accusing China and other nations, I wonder if we are doing the same?

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