Multi-Screening Marketing is changing the way you buy Bacon

Whether you realize it or not, many consumers start searching on a mobile device and finish purchasing or viewing on another device. The Oscar Meyer App being auctioned off right now for lucky winners promises to go off in the morning and wake you up with the smell of bacon. A marketing program that starts with a tweet, goes to a video and ends with a download of an App.
Our behaviors online are changing and the ways of how we consume information is mainly through multiple screens and not old school methods. In fact Google found that “90% of media is consumed by screen vs traditional at this point.” How we like to interact determines the channels we consume from. Consider this baby trying to perform “gestures” on a magazine. 


No such luck. The millennials will not be consuming information on paper-based products.


Google did a study on consumer behavior and milt-screening habits. That is to say multi-device hopping. The study was very interesting and ties multi-screen marketing with multi-channel marketing. Some observations of a multi-screen world and cross platform behavior showed us that:

  • We are a Nation of multi-screeners
  • The device we choose is driven by our context – Where we are at the time.(The phone is usually the closest.)
  • Sequential screening starts us on one device and takes us to another during the day
    • Search bridges our tasks between devices
  • Simultaneous screening looks at those users who are using multiple devices at one time. For instance watching the Oscars on TV and sitting with a tablet or smartphone and interacting on Twitter.
  • TV no longer commands our full attention
  • Smartphones are the backbone of our daily interactions


So what can we learn from multi-screening and applying it to your business?

Marketing Lessons from Multi-Screen Usage
  • Optimize your content for multiple devices
  • It’s no longer enough to optimize your content for PCs/laptops. Mobile optimization on tablets and smartphones should be a priority
  • A cohesive experience and user-friendly as possible across screens
  • Know your End users behavior
    • Context plays in a consumer’s decision to use one device over another 
  • Critical to understand how your audience accesses your content so you can cater your marketing strategy 
  • Consumers seek information or shop differently across devices so tailor the experience to each channel
    Marketers should be sure to integrate and align any TV advertising with their online strategies or align your multiple devices to coordinate with each other


  • Even though TV is still widely consumed by the user, consider that 77% of viewers are simultaneously using another device while watching it 


And finally one square fact for you.The way you buy your toilet paper and find a bathroom are now forever changed as well. Happy hunting with the “Sit or Squat” App from Charmin.

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