Physicians online: The Cardiologist Meets Digital

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Created by the digital insights group.

Digital meets the Cardiologist and the patient wins. While digital and pharma struggle to keep up with one another, the percentages are starting to go in our favor. Far more doctors are active online both professionally and personally.

Here are some interesting facts from the Digital Insights Group.

Mobile on the rise – as expected

  • 44% of cardiologists are using their smartphone more compared to 3 months ago
  • 47% plan to upgrade their smartphone in the next 12 months
  • 28% of desktop users are using their desktop less compared to the past 3 months

Multichannel on the rise – as expected

  • The top device to watch professional video is the desktop
  • 56% use YouTube for any reason – personal and professional
  • 26% prefer to watch on their tablet
  • The top device to access pharmaceutical information is the smartphone – 79%

The best news is that physicians, who normally take to technology anyway, are starting to communicate with patients through digital means. As a result, this could potentially make them more accessible to consumers, and make a patients life easier. For instance, doctors visits may soon be done from home and not always in the office.

“62% of cardiologists use some type of technology to communicate with their patients today”

    Check out the Digital Insights Group for more information on digital and pharmaceutical trends. View Full infographic here.
    Created by the digital insights group.
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