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3 Apps that will change the way you talk to a Doctor

With the advent of hard to reach doctors or not in your insurance plan, long waiting lines and increased costs, new methods of reaching a doctor for basic diagnosis is well under way. Here are 3 Apps to see your doctor on your phone and for them t see you.

Doctor on Demand

Doctors use two main skills to diagnose most common medical conditions: looking and listening. With a Video Visit, we can really focus on these skills. Plus, we can prescribe medications if clinically appropriate to help you and your family.

Our doctors go through rigorous screening, training, and ongoing quality assurance. Patients rate every single visit to ensure the highest quality of care.

They’ve designed this service to give you fast, easy and cost-effective access to some of the best doctors in the country. This is the better way to feel better.


HealthTap is changing healthcare. They claim to have handpicked more than 62,000 of the world’s best doctors to quickly answer your health questions—for free.

“At HealthTap, the doctor is always in.”

We give members and their families access to the best health answers, tips, and news created and curated by the best doctors.

Our doctors also provide personalized tips and checklists so our members can act to improve their health and well-being. Best of all, HealthTap Prime subscribers get direct 24/7 access to our top doctors through high-definition video, voice, or chat so they can feel their best—so they can feel good.

Just think how extraordinary this is. No more endlessly scouring the web for health information that is relevant and trustworthy—just HealthTap it! No more having to book doctor appointments days or weeks ahead because your doctor is busy. No more hours spent in traffic jams or waiting rooms. HealthTap brings the best doctors directly to you!

You’ll be immediately able to tap into the world’s richest trove of doctor-created health.

Curely MD

Stop worrying and get clarity on your everyday health questions instantly. Chat live with a real doctor for free or look for a doctor who meets your selection criteria and ask questions directly. Set your own price for a live session and in-app purchase a session with the doctor of your choice. Curely puts you, the consumer, in the driver’s seat by bringing doctors around the world to your fingertips and give you clarity. Curely is the world’s first tele-health marketplace for consumers and doctors using a reverse-auction system. It will save you time and money and bring you peace of mind. Here is a quick list of our main features:

– Free to sign up.
– Free live session with a real doctor.
– No medical insurance required.
– No membership fee.
– No hassle.

Check these out and see if it’s for you. Maybe they still need time to polish the Apps, and its certainly not for every illness,  but the idea and premise is right on. 

“Self Monitoring continues to grow with Google and Apple”

Google Fit

Apple HealthKit

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