Digital Marketing Outlook For 2015

The outlook for digital marketing in 2015 is looking great. But make sure you are following the trends. Digital marketing is constantly evolving – why I love it, and hate it at the same time. The trends are not completely different from the past few years, but some advertisers still seem to ignore them. The top trends in 2015 to follow and engage your digital marketing team is  once again:

  1. Mobile Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Marketing Device & Channels
  4. Data Driven/Hyper Targeted Campaigns


Mobile continues to be the top device used by people, but it is not the only device. Therefore its important to have a cross-device strategy. Cross-device attribution will become more important in 2015 as mobile traffic continues to increase dramatically. People view on mobile and purchase on tablets or laptops, and vice versa.

Content Marketing
Good content has always been a success factor, but getting the right content in front of people at the right time, in the right place is the trick. However, enhanced tracking technologies can make that all happen. 
“Content will make it easy for new and existing customers to locate and use the best products and services they intend to look for in various channels (search, social, paid advertising, etc..)” — Venchito Tampon, Content Marketer and Link Building Specialist.

Marketing Device & Channel Convergence
Leveraging multiple channels as one will be the name of the game. Doing “one off” tactics is a thing of the past. Optimization will move beyond individual tactics and focus more on overall customer experience across channels. Knowing your customers journey is vital to your strategy. Understanding how they jump from device to device is a “must-know” for marketers.

“2015 will be the year that companies start to pay attention to multi-channel attribution modeling.” — Soso Sazesh, Founder, Growth Pilots

Google takes this seriously as they have launched a new concept interacting with their brands called – “Material Design.” Google describes it as “Material Design doesn’t just create order, it creates order with purpose and meaning. It’s a sensory expression of Google’s brand.” Read more on Material Design.

Data Driven/Hyper Targeted Campaigns

If we know our buyers journey, where they are looking, and how they make decisions, then it makes sense that the strategy is to “follow the data.” Data analysts and market buying habits are main factors in this digital strategy.
“Savvy digital marketers will be able to match traffic with business attributes, identify segments they want to grow and serve them with a very targeted message.” — Christophe Primault, CEO, GetApp

At the end of the day… What Digital Skills and Jobs will be in Demand?

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