Apple Slightly Overtakes Android In U.S. Market Share

Apple has overtaken Android in smartphone market share in the U.S. for the first time since 2012.

According to figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the market research division of WPP, in the key holiday sales quarter of Q4 2014, Apple sold more iPhones than all of the various Android OEMs put together, the first time that it has managed to do this since Q4 2012. But if you don’t want to buy into any Apple hype, you might consider there’s likely some margin for error here — iOS devices accounted for 47.7% of sales, while Android devices accounted for 47.6%.

Who has the most Apps?

According to app analytics company App Annie, in the third quarter of last year Apple’s App Store’s revenue was around 60 percent higher than Google Play’s. But Google Play’s worldwide downloads were 60 percent higher than iOS App Store downloads. Much of that growth is coming in emerging markets.
Apple leads on revenue because it still holds onto the premium market: richer consumers who can afford iPhones and are willing to pay out for apps or in-app purchases. Android has a vast consumer base but one that stretches from cheap smartphones up to high-end devices. According to data from AppFigures, Google Play has now overtaken Apple’s App Store in terms of the number of apps it hosts.






At the end of the day, they are neck and neck and will probably stay that way until Windows Apps break through.

It could happen.


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