Google’s Best Play of 2015

Google has released their top selling everything. Google Play has been hugely successful for Google and their interface has grown substantially over the past year. The popularity of Play has proven to be a major player in entertainment services, thus their “best selling” lists are reliable sources to follow. Here is their lists of lists for 2015. A Year in Search and the YouTube Rewind is exceptional.

The Year in Search – Google

year in search 2015
The Best Apps of 2015
best music 2015
The Best Games of 2015
best games 2015

The Best Selling Albums on Google Play
best albums
Top Selling Movies of 2015
google-play-best-of-movies 2015

Top Selling Books of 2015
google-play-best-of-books 2015

Best of YouTube – Rewind

Glimpse into 2016

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