Top Android Wear Watch Faces

If you’re in the market for an Android watch, the Moto 360, The LG Urbane, Samsung Gear, or ASUS Zenwatch, then you will be heading to the Play App store to download every App and watch face imaginable. You’ll have a variety of faces to choose from, either for free or a slight fee, and there are good ones and bad ones. It’s not always evident from the picture either. The ones you think will be good are hard to read and vice versa. So let me give a rundown of the top faces and companies I like, and then you’ll have a head start. You can start downloading the free ones, but ultimately the paid ones have better functionality and versatility. With that said, we are talking about $1.05 a face on average. 

android wear watch bands

The other thing you’ll expect from watch faces are “moods”. You will want a face for different clothes and atmosphere. Something sporty and something elegant. That’s the major point advantage with a digital face. It changes when you do. Another thing I’ll suggest is that you purchase a few watch bands. On the Moto 360 they make changing the bands so easy with the quick clasp.


Clasps on the bands make it easy to switch.

Always ON Mode

The other thing you want to look at is how the face looks like in ambient mode (the mode when the watch is not active). Some do a better job than others. The ambient mode or “Always On” mode is designed to keep the watch activated and help save the battery power. But the reality is that the ambient mode is what most people will see when looking at your watch from across the room. Look below at the difference between the active state and the “ambient” mode – 2 different watches.Watch face in "on" mode.

The same watch face in ambient mode below.

Ambient mode.

Top Watch Faces – My Picks

dual watch faceNumber 1 Pick – The Dual Watch Face by RichFace

This is my “go to” watch face. I love the design of this face. It easy to read, it’s interesting, and the color tone goes with almost everything. It feels elegant and sporty at the same time. While I do like some of the busier watch faces, my biggest criticism of watch faces is that many are hard to read. You will find watch faces that provide the weather, battery power and heart rate info, on top of the normal date and time. These functions are helpful, but there is definitely an art on how to display this info in a readable, stylish way. This face provides that. Check it out.

One other important factor you want to consider is that not every face comes with the same settings and customization options.

challenger watch face

Number 2 Pick – The Challenger Watch Face by RichFace

I just recently downloaded this face and the reason I like is because the face is easy to read and interact with. That is because the open space on the bottom and right allow for a comfortable amount of room to fit music controllers, or the weather, steps, and other actions. See below.

It’s a very nice readable face that displays all the info and gives you the interactivity you expect from a digital watch face. This is quickly becoming my “go to watch face” and may be number 1 soon.

challenger up close

One other important factor you want to consider is that not every face comes with the same settings and control of the face color, interactivity and styles. Some watch faces settings are limited, but most of these mentioned above come with extensive control. For instance, you will want to change the time that the face shows lit up, so you don’t burn out your battery. The default setting is about 3-5 seconds. I find 15-25 seconds is good for me. Below is a partial snapshot of settings for Challenger face.

watch controls

It is fun to match your clothes and mood for the day with your watch face. I get many compliments on the watch faces.


driver watch

Number 3 Pick – The Driver Watch Face by Thema

The controls and modifications you can make to the Driver watch face may be the most extensive I have seen on any watch customization. The color modifications, interactivity, hand styles and widgets are extensive. While this can sometimes overcomplicate the watch face, it can make a good watch face even better.

While this watch face looks similar to the Challenger above, it is a little different and comes from a different developer. Sometimes the smallest changes in design make a difference in how you view what’s going on the screen. I had downloaded this one before the challenger face and was a long time favorite.

futuristic watch faceNumber 4 Pick – The Futuristic Watch Face by RichFace

This is a fun face and yet a well designed, easy-to-read face. The ambient mode on this face is excellent as well. This watch face has great customization and control of the colors and interactivity. It’s a sporty look and can have a cool “techy” look as well.


Some other watch face companies are:

I’ll leave you with a review of the Moto 360 in case you are interested now.

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