Another Year in Search for Google – Top Searches of 2016

Google released its annual “Year in Search”, revealing all the most popular subjects the world searched for during the emotional rollercoaster known as the year 2016. however, I don’t think its necessarily popularity. It’s important to note that the searches reflect inquiries, not always popularity. People are searching things they don’t understand or want more information on. It may be that a term like “Aleppo” doesn’t show up because we hear about it every day. That’s my interpretation anyway.

It feels like Google monitors the world these days, so I always look forward to the “Search” year end wrap ups.  There are no real surprises if you follow the news. In any election year search is a little biased, but this year Pokemon Go did beat out Trump 🙂  

In addition is the video that Google provides. It is a little short for a year wrap up, but take a look – it is impactful.

Top Overall Searches

1) Pokémon Go
2) iPhone 7
3) Donald Trump
4) Prince
5) Powerball
6) David Bowie
7) Deadpool
8) Olympics
10) Suicide Squad

Here is the year in search – Video style.

Most Searched People

1) Donald Trump
2) Hillary Clinton
3) Michael Phelps
4) Melania Trump
5) Simone Biles
6) Bernie Sanders
7) Steven Avery
8) Céline Dion
9) Ryan Lochte
10) Tom Hiddleston

trump and pokemon


 You can see other Google results here.

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