Apple Park close to completion – drone footage

The Apple Park is so close to completion as you’ll see from this latest drone footage. I’m going to miss watching the progression of the Apple Park. The footage that folks like Matthew Roberts have shot is just amazing. It feels like yesterday that Steve Jobs was getting approvals, and that work was starting at the park. Below is the latest footage.

As a comparison, look at construction from a year ago – May 2016

The campus had been buzzing with landscapers. Everywhere you look on the campus they have been planting trees. So many trees that Apple has caused tree shortages for other companies in the area. In Roberts’ newest video, you’ll see there is still much more to do but it is so close to completion. Apple will eventually end up with 9,000 native and drought-resistant trees across the park. Employees are beginning to  moving in, and it’s estimated to take Apple around six months to move in all the workers. The total number will be about 13,000.

apple park trees

Apple Park drone footage at night

At the beginning of April a unique video was shot of Apple Par at night Earlier in April. This was shot be drone videographer, Duncan Sinfield, who has been uploading drone footage as well. Hopefully my next post will show a finished park with a new iPhone.

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