The Touch Bar Whisperer – Apples Quiet Giant

In 2016, Apple updated their MacBook Pro lie of laptops and with it came the infamous “touch bar” which replaced the function keys at the top of the keyboard. The MacBook Pro’s were updated in 2017, and with it came even more Apps that worked with the touch bar. The usual suspects like iMovie, Final Cut, Garage Band all have great short cuts and thoughtful multi touch functions.

touch bar

But what seemed cool at first, quickly became a gimmick to the critics after it was launched. I have to admit that I thought the same thing, even thought I had not used it. The critics stated after using the touch bar for a few months that “it was not useful” and “it’s not worth the extra money.” Like all new Apple ideas, they are usually ahead of their time. It takes a bit for us to catch up. So now I’m here to tell you I think they’re all wrong. 

I think the Touch Bar is not only cool, but useful, and sometimes quicker than using a mouse.

Now that I have used the MacBook Pro with touch bar for a bit, I now only find it useful but it adds fun back into the Mac. Its more than just a computer. Im engaging with the laptop in new ways. Rather than talk about it lets look at some of the touch bar layouts with shortcuts.

Basic functionality with Touch Bar.

You can expand from the bar above to these choices. And you can customize the touch bar as well. Which itself is very cool, by doing a drag and drop method.touch bar

Apple explains how to use and customize the touch bar here.

Your Favorite Emojis







Here are two great movies to show you how to best use the Touch Bar.


Here is what Marques thinks. Because he is the coolest.

I recommend you check out the Touch Bar MacBook Pro, whether you use intensive graphics programs or just do general computing. It livens up the Mac and adds utility. If cost is a deal breaker, I totally understand. It is more expensive, however, with that increase you get bumped up to an I7 processor. Check out Best Buy or B&H Video for the best prices. They have a good return policy so you can drive them for a week or so. Enjoy!

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