TikTok Doctors and Nurses are Creating a Prescription for Fun and Education

tiktok doctors

If you asked me a year ago if doctors would be on TikTok I would have said no, and yet here we are with TikTok doctor and nurse stars. Now this is not serious medical talk by any stretch – just doctors relieving some stress. But it does provide a side of doctors we rarely see – the human element. Below are oncologists letting some steam out.

The Rise of TikTok

In the dust of a COVID world, rises the social platform TikTok. The pandemic has driven many to TikTok for a breath of fresh air and some creativity. But its not just the pandemic, cleberties have flocked to the platform too.

Here is a short list of celeberties posting regularly:

Numbers don’t Lie

TikTok Generated a record 113 Million downloads in February, nearing 2 Billion lifetime installs. Look at the growth over the last year.

Getting serious on TikTok

The New York Times did report that “Doctors and nurses are taking to TikTok to inform young people about a variety of topics including sexual health, vaccines and healthy eating.”

While not all medical education begs to be on TikTok, reaching the right audience makes sense for topics like sex ed, dangers of vaping, and healthy eating. It will be interesting to keep a close pulse on the new TikTok stars of 2020.

I think the result will be light-hearted messages vs serious ones below, but people are creative and I’m sure the desire to provide information to their demographic will win over the silliness.

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