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Figure 1 app

Doctors Figure out Medical Mysteries with a Mobile App

The Figure 1 app has been labeled the “Instagram for doctors” and has hit 1 million subscribers. Figure 1 is used by doctors and healthcare students from a variety of specialties including medicine, nursing, and dentistry. Figure 1 said its free online mobile tool – used by medical practitioners around the world to share images of patient ailments […]

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Time Is Changing Health Apps

How will the launch of the Apple Watch change and/or improve healthcare for the patient? Will it in fact improve anybody’s health or does it just seem like a cool idea? This question runs deeper than just healthcare technology. That question can be asked of any technology. Have mobile phones made your life easier? Has […]

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Top Abbreviations your Doctor Writes on your Prescriptions

Ever wonder about the secret code your doctor writes? Look up the meaning of abbreviations on the script.  Common abbreviated instructions include: QD (every day) OD (once daily) BID (twice a day) TID (three times a day) QAM (every morning) QPM (every night) Q4H (every 4 hours) QOD (every other day) HS (at bedtime) PRN (as needed) […]

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Top 10 SEO Checklist

The top 10 SEO checklist hasn’t changed much in the past year. As you know most meta tags are pretty useless. But there ares several important factors you can do easily. While there are more than 10 on the checklist, below are a few tidbits to optimize your site, especially for your local business.  URL: Get your primary […]

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Google Shuts Down Google Health

So what happens to all the data? It’s on record until 2013. It’s a shame Google Health did not survive. While in theory it makes sense to have all your medical information available in one place, and accessible at any time from any doctor. But the idea failed for the same reasons it was useful. […]

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