Top Abbreviations your Doctor Writes on your Prescriptions

Ever wonder about the secret code your doctor writes?

Look up the meaning of abbreviations on the script. 
Common abbreviated instructions include:

  • QD (every day)
  • OD (once daily)
  • BID (twice a day)
  • TID (three times a day)
  • QAM (every morning)
  • QPM (every night)
  • Q4H (every 4 hours)
  • QOD (every other day)
  • HS (at bedtime)
  • PRN (as needed)
  • PO or “per os” (by mouth)
  • AC (before meals)
  • PC (after meals)
  • Mg (milligrams)
  • Mcg/ug (micrograms)
  • G or Gm (grams)

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