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VR, Robots, and Pharma are Hot at SXSW

It’s hot in Austin – literally. But besides being 96 degrees in Austin, there is a “Lot of Hot” going on at SXSW. Even Obama can’t bring this event down (Note to self: don’t tell the tech community that their phones are just black boxes). Still in all a big surprise interview – see interview below. […]

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3 Things Google’s “Verily” is Solving in Healthcare

Googles new venture “Verily” has a big vision for healthcare and solving the mysteries of the world. They are taking this on in a whole new light with a whole new prescription. Imagine a chemist and an engineer and a doctor and a behavioral scientist, all working together to truly understand health and to better […]

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FDA’s Social Media Guidance for Misinformation

Trying to interpret the FDA’s social media guidelines is well – up for interpretation.However, it does pave the way for correcting the gross inaccurate health information that floods the web everyday. Pharma companies often struggle with misinformation on the web and have been unable to amend or respond to those misnomers and 3rd parties. Why social media is important for healthcare […]

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Physicians online: The Cardiologist Meets Digital

View Full infographic here. Created by the digital insights group. Digital meets the Cardiologist and the patient wins. While digital and pharma struggle to keep up with one another, the percentages are starting to go in our favor. Far more doctors are active online both professionally and personally. Here are some interesting facts from the Digital Insights Group. Mobile on […]

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Top Abbreviations your Doctor Writes on your Prescriptions

Ever wonder about the secret code your doctor writes? Look up the meaning of abbreviations on the script.  Common abbreviated instructions include: QD (every day) OD (once daily) BID (twice a day) TID (three times a day) QAM (every morning) QPM (every night) Q4H (every 4 hours) QOD (every other day) HS (at bedtime) PRN (as needed) […]

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