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LinkedIn is a healthy marketing strategy?

Businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy, since face to face is on pause. In some cases it might be the deciding factor in whether they make it through the pandemic. We dont know what the new marketing landscape will look like exactly, but its sagfe to say that as […]

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digital transformation

Digital Marketing Transformation in the COVID-19 Era

Imagine you wake up one day and all the business, marketing and live events you are gone. Before COVID (BC) communication and human engagement was a mix if in-person interaction plus other marketing channels supporting their efforts.  From an SEO standpoint, last week SEO companies saw huge drops in organic traffic for most industries we […]

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2020 social media

Effective Social Media Trends in 2020

Every year we have to predict the future, but honestly the top 3 things are already happening. They will just gain more popularity and traction for marketers. While content still rules, and how it is delivered is important, what is still missing, and matters most in my mind is “what is the data telling us?” […]

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Social media ROI

Measuring 101 for Social Media Campaigns

The dreaded question of ROI in social media is not much different than any traditional marketing campaign. The same culprits, brand awareness, engagement and acquisition, all drive the understanding of a successful campaign. But in reality there are many more aspects to support that success story. There is follower growth which is very easy to […]

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social media analytics

Social Media Analytics

Having the right social media analytics is vital to your measuring the success. Social media analytics is about gathering data from your accounts and campaigns, and then using it to track and improve performance. Below is a look at the various analytics that each of the major networks offer. Facebook analytics Marketers who run a Facebook […]

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