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social media analytics

Social Media Analytics Tools and Reporting

If you have ever wondered how effective your engagement is doing on Twitter, I have some tools for you to check out. And if you’re running campaigns or researching on Twitter there are some phenomenal FREE tools. And wrapping that all up for a report to your client is vital. First off, if you want […]

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google photos

New Google Photos features announced at I/O 2017

It’s hard to believe that Google photos was introduced only two years ago, but that’s the fact. At “I/O ’17” Google made some announcements around Google Photos enhancements. Google Photos is no joke saying that it now has more than 500 million people use it every month. And they are backing up more than 1.2 billion photos […]

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Office for iPad – Really? “Missed it by that much”

First of all I’m not a Microsoft hater. I use many of their products and have for years. Whether I continue to use them is another question. Unfortunately like most, I think they have lost the interest of the masses over the past years. Their inability to decide in entering markets hinders them from dominating this multi-device world […]

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