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Twitter Chat Rules & Tools for Beginners

Twitter chats have been around for years, but they seem to be increasing with industries like pharmaceutical, education, marketing and new business efforts. For example, see all these chats in the pharma industry. I thought laying down some of the rules and tools for Twitter Chats would be a good start for those just thinking about […]

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social media analytics

Social Media Analytics Tools and Reporting

If you have ever wondered how effective your engagement is doing on Twitter, I have some tools for you to check out. And if you’re running campaigns or researching on Twitter there are some phenomenal FREE tools. And wrapping that all up for a report to your client is vital. First off, if you want […]

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Good Engagement Between TV and Twitter?

What is the engagement level between TV and Twitter? No doubt these 2 are closely connected these days. These 2 platforms were made for each other, yet neither relies on the other to deliver content. But combined, it is a 2 way conversation made in heaven.  It’s instant response that is still undervalued. Live commenting […]

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Big Idea for an App – Exchange-O-Gram

I have an idea for an app. Let’s build an App thats “out on the line”. This clip from The Internship movie is classic.    I think we all like Instagram for its quick sharing ability but it has never received the respect it deserves. That changed this week when Instagram surpassed Twitter in members, hitting over 300 million with […]

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Hashing Out Your Hashtags – #DigitalMarketing

If your gearing up for some Twitter campaigns or just wondering how to search, track and research hashtags, here are some tools and tips.Trends on Twitter can offer some great insights for the client and marketer alike. Below are some tips and tools to find out the most popular trends, hashtags, and relevant topics at […]

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