Throw your TV away!

As the June 12th deadline approaches for digital TV to override analog signals, I cant but think of two things – how much waste this will produce from people throwing old TV’s away, and how much TV really sucks right now. Think about it, with all the technology that is advancing right now in wireless technology, internet accessibility, and the choices we have and can make online. Why in the world would TV be so stagnant? We forced to watch preprogrammed shows and the TV commercials that go along with it. Personally I’m bored with TV.

The TV of today is far behind the capabilities of the internet. The TV of today should allow me to choose any program anytime. It then would be given specific ads that make more sense to me. And my TV should hook into the entire house functions, the phone, alarm clocks, appliances, etc… And finally I should be able to control this from my computer or wherever I am.

So although we will be not going green this June 12th, TV is certainly ready for an overhaul of mass proportions.

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