5 Instagramers You May Want To Follow

Instagram may have been made for photographers, but some very crafty people have taken it to the next level – maybe even a crazy, silly level. Here are 5 people I have come across that have a unique flair in their perception of life. Instagram gives them the channel to express their travels and imagination. Check them out.

1. Murad Osmann

While there are many photographers on Instagram, Murad Osmann adds one of the most unique ways to traveling the world with his beautiful girlfriend (at least I think she is beautiful). See for yourself. Photographer Murad Osmann lets his girlfriend lead him around the world, as he snaps pictures while holding her hand. Follow muradosmann

Murad-Osmann-2014-1 o-MURAD-OSMANN-GIRLFRIEND-570 follow-me-murad-osmann-2-23

2. Junanto Herdiawan

Junanto loves to fly and does not hold back in his images. His obsession makes him a unique Instagrammer. He doesn’t use any apps or special editing tricks on his photos, either. Follow junantoherdiawan

juantano 3 juantano 2 juantano 1

 3. Laura Jenkinson’s

Laura Jenkinson’s is a makeup artist that knows how to get ducky and sometimes gory. Good thing she had a big mouth. Her account is full of creative makeup applications, including cartoon characters that look super real. Follow laurajenkinson

Laura-Jenkinson-3 Laura J 2 Laura Jenkinson 1

4. Darryll Jones

Here is one for the Geeks – Star Wars to be exact. Strange but awesome, Darryll Jones’ account follows the adventures of Eric, a tiny Star Wars figurine. Follow darrylljones
Darryll Jones4 Darryll Jones3 darryl_jones1

5. Bubu the Chinchilla

So all the rage these days is to follow animals. Bubu is no exception. People have set accounts for all their pets. The results have been pretty hilarious. Bubu the chinchilla goes on various adventures around her house in Singapore, and has almost 150,000 followers. Follow cute_bubu

bubu 4 bubu 3 bubu 1

The amount of creativity pouring out of social media is fast and furious. It has n age limits or geographic boundaries. Im convinced it is the binding tool of our age and keeps the world sane, by beig insane. Keep it coming.

I leave you with this.

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