The COVID19 Year – Week of 3/29 – 4/4/2020

Here is how my week went visually through photos.

Sunday March 29th –
Elton John and Lizzo are Zooming

Elton John and Lizzo are Zooming
Elton John and Lizzo are Zooming

Launched the family TikTok

Monday March 30th –
Google asks me if I have symptoms. Thank you Google, but I’m fine.

Google survey
Google Survey

Tuesday March 31st –
Lexi gets Booped and a Pink Ribbon

Lexi does her hair

April 1st
– I take a selfie and we have a nice sunset

Bored in the house. I”m bored in this house. Bored in the house..
COVID sunset

Thursday April 2nd
– I try Yoga, Lauren gets a package from FedEx, and a Tiger is on my desk. Big day!

Fart sound
Package has arrived, the package has arrived.
Tiger in my study

Friday April 3rd
Matthew has meetings all day.
The mail gets delivered.
And I have a Zoom Happy Hour Costume Party.

Matthew’s note to family
Zoom Happy Hour
Mail truck cometh

Saturday April 3rd
– Lauren builds her shelves

Putting the hammer down

Saturday April 4th
– Time for a COVID date with Matthew and Lauren (6ft apart)

Is this fun or what? True love 🙂

Sunday April 5th
– Palm Sunday Improvised

Palm sunday


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