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Something New for the Mobile Salesforce

A new app called “Do” is being unveiled for the mobile salesforce, and what sales force shouldn’t be mobile?  This could be a very cool APP. I’m excited to see how easy this turns out for the sales teams to operate and maintain. What Do Does: Do tasks and project management app allows small teams and individuals to manage […]

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SOCIAL MEDIA FACTS: Are you 1 of the million?

At Digital Intervention we found these latest stats on social media. You cant help wonder with all that chatter, is anyone saying anything worthwhile? It may not be what they are saying but how they are connecting with one another. 695 MILLION – Number of Facebook users.148+ MILLION – Number of Linkedin users.140 MILLION – Number of tweets created each […]

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Lead Generation and Digital Marketing – a New Era for Sales Agents

Lead Generation is the lifeblood of any business.  A failure to generate new leads on a consistent and predictable basis makes for a very difficult existence. The top  marketing companies employ many tactics, including a heavy online strategy to provide top leads to their clients. Does your agency use all the tools necessary to generate new leads […]

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