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scam alert

Gmail phishing scam is nasty – what to do?

A lot of people have been getting suspicious looking emails in their Gmail today. There is a full fledged phishing scam that is most likely from a nation-state and is stealing information and installing malware on your computer. Take 5 minutes to read the tips below and 5 minutes to watch the video at the […]

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google play on iphone

Living with Android on a iOS Platform

Once you go Google, you never go Apple. Or can you? Personally, I love both platforms and use both android and iOS. I have an android phone and a Mac laptop along with an iPad. But I love Google apps and cloud. Recently, I’ve thought of switching phones only because my android isn’t compatible with […]

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Gmail was Built in a Day – Happy 10th!

As you may know by now, Gmail turned 10 years old on April Fools day this year. Yea, who is the fool – right? One of the easiest, most versatile, large storage and FREE email clients is 10 this year. Gmail was a project started by Google developer Paul Buchheit, who had already explored the […]

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