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A new Perspective for Google Earth

Google released a new version of Google Earth today, just in time for Earth Day. And it is awesome! Their blog says “today we’re introducing a brand-new version of Google Earth—on the web and Android—two years in the making. (Don’t fret – IOS is coming soon.) With the new Earth, we want to open up […]

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Google’s Best Play of 2015

Google has released their top selling everything. Google Play has been hugely successful for Google and their interface has grown substantially over the past year. The popularity of Play has proven to be a major player in entertainment services, thus their “best selling” lists are reliable sources to follow. Here is their lists of lists for […]

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The New YouTube Music App is Shaking Things Up

The new YouTube Music app is here. Have you downloaded it yet? This could be a game changer for Google, or it’s just going to confuse the heck out of everybody. The app is free, and you can use it in free, ad-supported mode, but it becomes a lot more powerful and interesting if you […]

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Update to Google Translator – A Great Use of Technology

The new update for Google Translate is pretty amazing. The barriers of language are coming down and a free world is just days away. Well, maybe not that drastic, but it is a pretty amazing App. The new version includes automatic language detection in conversation mode, so having a conversation between two people who don’t speak the same […]

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