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Fitbit Releases Their Newest Tracker – The Blaze

Fitbit announced their newest activity tracker, the Blaze, at 2016 CES in Las Vegas. It’s another entry in a long list of smartwatches and activity trackers fighting for their place on your wrist, but those loyal to Fitbit seem very excited. If the Blaze looks familiar, that’s because it is pretty similar to the Apple Watch. […]

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The New Face of Medical Devices – Mobile Health

Medical device companies will need to have a new interface with their physicians and patients. Mobile apps for health related monitoring are coming our or being developed daily. For cardio patients, monitoring their daily activity is not only easier, but can be monitored longer than just a 24 hour period. The FDA has already approved these […]

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EVO – what’s the secret to your heart and mind?

Extra Virgin Oil has long been touted for the heart, but now there is some evidence it helps fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s. EVO and the Mediterranean diet seems to be a key factor in controlling your diet and thusly good health. CNN has posted an answer addressing this very question. Good information…see below By […]

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