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Apple Unveils Eight New TV Watch Ads

Apple invested a lot of time and money into their new TV ads. All the ads are in support of the Apple Watch and have some big star power to promote the Watch and new Apple TV ad “look”. Apple always has a unique “look and feel” to their ads and this time is no […]

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Will you ever have to visit your doctor in person?

We all know healthcare is under the largest change, reform, or a Cluster – depending on who you ask. It’s the biggest change we have seen since the 1930’s. I dont think anyone can predict wher it will end up 10 years from now. Whethere its for better or worse, it will be different that is for […]

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Apple Rocked America

I watched the Apple event yesterday and I really enjoyed the event. I enjoyed the new products and I like Tim Cook. I don’t care what you say about him, who else could follow Steve Jobs with such grace? Not an easy job.I have been an Apple fan (and Android fan) for some time. I […]

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