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Tasty videos are a feast for the eyes

With short attention spans ruling the internet, Tasty videos has taken over FaceBook and marketing to our appetites is on the rise. Thanks to fast-motion animation, food and technology have intersected on the internet with some fresh thinking on recipes. Tasty videos has taken it to the next level. The New York-based media company’s Facebook-only cooking […]

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Sharing is your Soapbox

Ironically, in an age where we seem to worry about online privacy and our accounts being hacked into, we also seem to be willing to divulge certain information on social networks. I believe we think that when we are on our “personalized networks” (facebook, twitter, etc..) we tend to forget that the world is watching. Whether or […]

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My User Experience with Steve Jobs and Apple

 In my last blog post I spoke about the competition for airtime between the Apple conference being held at 1 PM and Governor Christies announcement for presidency. As expected, Apple brought down Twitter and overran any other news items. That’s not to say all eyes were on Apple, but to point out that we live in an […]

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