Tasty videos are a feast for the eyes

With short attention spans ruling the internet, Tasty videos has taken over FaceBook and marketing to our appetites is on the rise. Thanks to fast-motion animation, food and technology have intersected on the internet with some fresh thinking on recipes. Tasty videos has taken it to the next level.

The New York-based media company’s Facebook-only cooking channel, Tasty, now has 30 million followers on Facebook. Its videos regularly get tens of millions of views.

“Tasty has become the driver of video views at the company, with 53.6 million likes”

UPDATED May 5, 2016

Digiday reported that in less than a year after it launched with an experimental recipe video, Tasty has become the driver of video views at the company, with 53.6 million likes (its rapid ascent made it look like a spam channel, which caused a Facebook glitch that temporarily halted its growth, according to BuzzFeed) and a global presence that’s spawned a growing number of BuzzFeed video offshoots around kids, moms and cooking gadget unboxings. There’s a DIY offshoot for crafters called Nifty. Tasty has begun opening the door to advertising.
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Take a look at some good examples of stop-motion foodie videos.

The large majority of Tasty’s videos — which are made by BuzzFeed Motion Pictures — are filmed in Los Angeles. Andrew Gauthier, executive producer for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, said that the process for what to shoot isn’t especially complicated. “Oftentimes a producer will make a new recipe for their family over the weekend, and then come in on Monday excited to make the video and share the dish with the world,” he explained. “Once we’ve arrived at a final recipe, a video can be shot and edited in as little as a day.”

“Tasty has 50 million Facebook fans”

That quick turnaround yields overwhelming results. Tasty is barely a year old — it launched at the end of last July — but has since amassed almost 50 million Facebook fans, and, as of the beginning of this year, more than 84 million comments. The view count is even more astounding: Tasty has racked up 8 billion views and counting.

Engaging the user

Tasty’s format of fast-motion videos, suck the viewer in and keep them engaged. They’re optimized for Facebook’s autoplay feature, which starts playing videos without the sound on. You don’t need sound to engage either. Your eyes do all the work. 

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A different perspective here is a video that is food for thought.

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