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The Gigafactory is Elon Musk’s Sonnet to the Future

Elon Musk’s Gigafactory is taking shape as seen in the new drone video below. When it opened this year the mode of production was far below expectations. But 6 months later, it is a different story. Why build this huge factory? The firm foresees it will drive down the per kilowatt hour (kWh) costs of […]

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Can You Really Live In The Cloud And Be Productive?

 Of course you can… Living in the Cloud was made easier and more productive this week. Google introduced several additions to Google Drive, adding new features that let users enhance Google Doc files, Slides and spreadsheets. It also added the ability to convert, edit and collaborate on more than 15 Microsoft Office file formats directly on the […]

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How To DRIVE Your Google

Google Drive Apps – Simplicity Rules Here In case you haven’t noticed, Google Drive has become one of the most powerful set of productivity tools out there. These apps are close to rivaling Microsoft office. I would say for the majority of the people for what you use form office, the Google Drive apps will not only […]

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