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Good Engagement Between TV and Twitter?

What is the engagement level between TV and Twitter? No doubt these 2 are closely connected these days. These 2 platforms were made for each other, yet neither relies on the other to deliver content. But combined, it is a 2 way conversation made in heaven.  It’s instant response that is still undervalued. Live commenting […]

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Tweet Talk – Parents need to know!

OK here is a good list of twitter 101 tweet talk for twits with little time to talk 🙂 Most you probably know but there are few I didn’t know either. Parents – learn this and you can talk to your teenagers. 1 – ( shorthand ) one, won 2 – ( shorthand ) to, […]

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To Tweet or not to Tweet – that is the question.

In a Harvard study on Twitter, they found that only 10% of the users generated 90% of the content. Some felt limited by the amount of character use and are not sure how to use Twitter. I think 2 things should happen. One Twitter should not change the character amount since it is meant to […]

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